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Guides to Using Catalyst Theme

Why Choose Catalyst Theme for WordPress?

I’ve actually been using Catalyst Theme since before it was released (I was a beta tester) so the comments below are based on 2 years experience of using it.

Unlike many WordPress themes which leave you struggling to implement what you want in the way you want, Catalyst Theme very much enables you to take control and develop great looking sites, based on a solid foundation that search engines love.

Designed for rock solid SEO, with code free customisation and total design flexibility, Catalyst Theme is an amazingly powerful WordPress theme.

And you don’t have to be a technical whizz-kid coder to use it (although if you are you’ll like it too!).

It really does enable anyone who wants to build a WordPress website to do so more easily and the special bonus offer below will help you maximize the results you get with Catalyst.


“I love Catalyst. I am a new WordPress user and I could not find my way with Thesis, Woothemes and Studiopress themes……

I love the easy to use menu’s of Catalyst and the theme makes that I can change everything I want and develop my own style without hiring a webdesigner! I also love the Catalyst video tutorials and in addition to that your guides.

The guides have saved me a lot of time!”
Dirkje Evers


With Catalyst Theme you get:

  • Fully Integrated Built in SEO options – for better search engine rankings
  • An easy to use interface – create, design and style sites with no need to code or edit files
  • Flexible Header Area control – add header images easily, logos etc, use full screen width headers
  • Custom Widget Areas – include widgets exactly where you like – on any page(s) easily
  • Easy to build static Homepages – customisable and fully widgetised – amazingly powerful!
  • The Custom CSS Builder – makes any extra customisation s-o-o-o easy – And still no need to code!
  • Unlimited Custom Page Layouts – each Page/Post can have its own sidebar layout and content
  • Fully compliant code generation to meet latest web standards for cross browser compatibility
  • Fast, clean, efficient code generation that search engines love when they crawl and index it
  • Regular product updates and first rate, responsive, technical support if needed
  • An active and fast growing user community with fantastic member’s forum for help and advice

Catalyst Theme is easy to use, it’s search engine friendly with super strong SEO options and has so much flexibility that you can build sites more quickly, and more easily, with less restriction! 


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Guides to Using Catalyst Theme

Catalyst Theme Bonuses

Although Catalyst Theme is a superb WordPress Theme and is very easy to use, because there are s-o-o many options and possibilities for its use, it can take a little while to find your way around all of its super functionality, settings and options.

So I wrote the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet to help people (myself included) find their way around it and make the most of it.

Here’s what the developers of Catalyst said when they read it….


“Seth and I were BLOWN AWAY by your manual.
WOW! Seriously, you’ve done an amazing job with this.”

(Cobalt Apps – Catalyst Theme Developers)


Since then, I’ve produced more guides which have had similar glowing testimonials…


” It is VERY easy to read an understand your directions and then to follow them to obtain the desired result. Not the easiest thing to do! And your SEO content is great and seems very to the point, not overwhelming or trivial (unlike some Internet marketing gurus out there).

The best part about it is that you give a step by step account of what to do; there is no question about what next step to take, and hence no getting stuck. Your cheat sheets are invaluable to regular Janes like me who need to have a website to do business.

Kudos! And feel free to use this as a testimonial.   :-)
Jen Murphy


When you purchase Catalyst Theme through this site, you can get all my guides as my thank-you bonus, including:

1) Catalyst Theme FAST Start – an easy to follow, 160 page step-by-step tutorial style guide that takes you through the process of building a site with Catalyst. Learn the essential elements of Catalyst Theme and how to apply them, quickly and easily.

2) The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet™ – my 250+ page guide to getting the most from your Catalyst Theme site. Comprehensive coverage of all the functionality, plus how to build more successful sites with it including Keyword Research, SEO and Traffic Generation.

3) The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet Responsive Guide – my 25 page guide to using the Responsive Design options in Catalyst so that your site looks good on any device.

4) The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet Fonts Guide – the awesome 38 page guide to using Fonts in Catalyst Theme – from examples of every standard & Google font included in Catalyst through to adding more Google Fonts, to styling them for individual elements of a site – all made super easy!

5) The BEST Price for Catalyst Theme – you’ll also get the best price for Catalyst Theme – continue reading below to find out why. 



Bonus 1 – Catalyst Theme FAST Start

Catalyst Theme Fast Start CoverCatalyst Theme FAST Start is my 160+ page easy-to-read and easy-to-follow guide designed to help you get up and running as quickly as possible and is the essential guide to using Catalyst Theme for new users and intermediate users.

The Catalyst Theme FAST Start guide
is normally $47

You can get it for FREE here!!

Just follow the instructions below 


Catalyst Theme FAST Start shows how to build a WordPress site using the Catalyst Theme by following the development of a real site from start to finish in a tutorial style format.

Every stage, from the basics of installing Catalyst, to advanced options like using the Custom CSS Builder, is covered in step-by-step detail with lots of images and graphics to assist at every stage.


“Great stuff David!
The Catalyst Fast Step Guide is spot on for new Catalyst users as well as explaining some great ideas for improving existing Catalyst fuelled sites”


There is even a guide to installing WordPress included for those that might find it helpful.

As the guide progresses with the reader through the sites’ development, it covers things like:

  • Installing Catalyst and the Dynamik Child Theme
  • Using the Catalyst In-Page and In-Post options for SEO as we create content
  • Homepage options and creating a static Homepage
  • Implementing the SEO options in Catalyst
  • Page Layouts and options
  • Understanding Catalyst Site Widths and the Wrap
  • Understanding the Header Layout, Header Widths and display options for using Text and Images in the Header effectively
  • Navbar Options – locations, and what to include
  • Using Navbars with WordPress Custom Menus
  • How to use Custom Page Layouts
  • How to use Custom Widget Areas
  • How to use the Custom CSS Builder
  • …. and much more……


Catalyst Theme FAST Start shows the main options for developing a site using Catalyst Theme and how straightforward it is to use the many powerful features in it effectively and easily.


“The Catalyst Theme Fast Start Guide takes you quickly and easily from a WP novice or intermediate to having successfully built and launched a Catalyst site with all the bells and whistles you need. 

What makes this guide incredibly useful is that it takes you step-by-step through a REAL site build where you can see exactly how powerful Catalyst features can be integrated into your own site.

Starting with the basics, and working its way right through to advanced options including building custom layouts and precision styling with CSS, this guide quickly makes accessible ALL that Catalyst has to offer.
Ben Pyman 


Catalyst FAST Start is also a great complement to the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet.

The Cheat Sheet provides a more comprehensive look at all the functionality that Catalyst provides, and is great to use in conjunction with the new FAST Start guide.

So, because I write the Cheat Sheet, you get that too….


Bonus 2 – Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet™

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet Cover

The Cheat Sheet is 250 pages absolutely chock-full of great content that will help you maximize the results you get from using Catalyst Theme.
It is an awesome guide that has now been downloaded by hundreds of Catalyst owners.


“I just wanted to thank you for firstly producing and now updating the Catalyst Cheat Sheet and Fast Start Guide. They’re really well-written and totally invaluable! Thank you!!”
Lynne Elder


 The Cheat Sheet covers all the functionality in Catalyst Theme and how to use it  – and a whole lot more!

In addition to the functionality in Catalyst Theme and the Dynamik Child Theme covered in the main 170 page Cheat Sheet document, a supplementary 80 page guide of Extended Content also provides a huge amount of great information on how to develop more effective, more successful sites using Catalyst – including:

  • Researching the market for your site
  • Targeting the right segment of a market for maximum effectiveness and results
  • How to undertake effective Keyword Research
  • What makes for good keyword phrases and search terms relevant to your market
  • Why some keywords are better than others
  • Site purpose, Layout and Design considerations
  • Setting up a WordPress site with Catalyst Theme
  • Using WordPress plugins – which ones
  • Factors to consider for Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO techniques and strategies
  • How to maximize the ‘On-Page’ SEO factors you’re in direct control of
  • How to get back links for better ‘Off-Page’ optimization
  • Implementing SEO options more effectively in Catalyst
  • Generating Traffic and Traffic Methods
  • Using RSS and Social Media
  • Tips for Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Monitoring and testing your site for success
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Converting more visitors into actions
  • Building email lists of targeted visitors

Using the Catalyst WordPress theme to develop your sites gives you a huge advantage to start with, and the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet will guide you through the processes to achieve success for your site(s) using techniques, strategies and tips that most other website developers overlook or just don’t do.


“Given that WordPress and Catalyst are new to me – I’m finding your guides very useful!!
Thanks Again!”
Sue Weiss


“When I was doing the research on frameworks to convert my blog from Blogger to WP, I looked at most major themes including Catalyst.

One of the things I assessed for each of them was the documentation. In the end, we were looking at one other theme and Catalyst, and one of the key reasons I did not go with the other theme was because I felt their documentation was not up to par.

I was really impressed that when we received your book, we not only got Catalyst support (which we were expecting), but that amazing beginner’s course in SEO.

I’ve spent a good bit of my career writing technical documentation, and your work is really first rate.”
The Paper Princess



Bonus 3 – Catalyst Theme Responsive Design Cheat Sheet Guide

Catalyst Theme Responsive Design Guide Cheat Sheet  

You also get an additional 25 page guide to using the superb responsive design options included in Catalyst Theme. 

See how straight forward it is to take advantage of the Responsive Design functionality so that your site automatically adjusts its layout and design to best suit the size of screen it is being viewed on.


Bonus 4 – Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet FONTS Guide

 Catalyst Theme Fonts Guide Cover

The 38 Page Guide to using Catalyst Fonts shows how to make the most of the versatility
that Catalyst Theme provides for implementing Fonts on your site.

  • Easy to view examples of every font included in Catalyst
  • Both Standard & Google Fonts examples displayed for easy choosing
  • How to add a New Google Font to Catalyst – Easily!
  • Specifying Fonts for Individual Elements
  • Using the Universal Font Control Mechanism
  • Adding Extra Style to Fonts Using the Custom CSS Builder



Bonus 5 – Best Price for Catalyst Theme

Get Catalyst Theme Coupon Code Here

The best available price for Catalyst Theme is always to be found at the official Catalyst store.

There are NO discount codes or coupon codes for Catalyst Theme – that’s the developer’s official policy! Just so you can always be confident that the price in their store, at the moment you purchase, is the best price currently then available! 

Their official store is where you get to when you follow the link in the box below (it also mentions their no-coupon policy) – just follow the instructions shown below to ensure you’re able to claim all my bonuses too.


Buy Catalyst Theme with Bonus! 

I’m sure you’ll be pleased with Catalyst Theme, and my bonuses above will help ensure you get up and running with it sooner, start using it effectively, and help get better results from it…


I have been using Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet and Fast Start Guides ever since David created them. I use them all the time and would be lost without them. David updates the guides regularly to include Catalyst Theme latest updates.

The guides are professionally written and contain easy to follow step-by-step instructions. I really love the images and screen dumps that make it super easy to follow.  These guides allow me to create quick and beautiful websites using the Catalyst Theme.

Thanks David for providing such fantastic guides. You have made it easy for me to be more time effective when creating my websites. These guides are my Bible and I refer to them all the time. The guides help me use all the power of the Catalyst Theme.
Karen Anderson


I want you to get the best WordPress Theme, the best bonuses to go with it, and all at the best price……


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