Here you will find announcements about our bonus guides for Catalyst Theme and other important information about the Catalyst WordPress Theme.

Catalyst Theme Fonts Guide – A New Bonus

Catalyst Theme Fonts Guide Cover

We are pleased to announce the release of the Catalyst Theme Fonts Guide – a 38 page guide on the font control functionality to be found in the theme. It’s included as another FREE bonus when you purchase Catalyst Theme through this site (and of course, if you’ve already done so previously, you get access to […] Read more »

Catalyst Theme Adds Responsive WordPress Theme Functionality

Catalyst Theme Responsive Wordpress Theme

Today saw the release of Catalyst Theme Version 1.5 for WordPress. In addition to some neat stuff like the inclusion of HTML5 markup and default styling changes, the main change is the inclusion of easy to use Responsive WordPress Theme design functionality. This is a major new release of Catalyst Theme with the inclusion of […] Read more »

No More Coupon Codes for Catalyst Theme!

There are no longer any coupon codes for Catalyst Theme. You will not be able to find a legitimate active coupon code to obtain a discount on Catalyst Theme as the developers no longer make any such coupon codes available. There is a link on the Catalyst checkout page which verifies this if you wish […] Read more »

Catalyst Theme Fast Start Guide

Catalyst Theme FAST Start is a 160 page guide designed to help youget up and running with Catalyst Theme as quickly as possible.     “The Catalyst Theme Fast Start Guide takes you quickly and easily from a WP novice or intermediate to having successfully built and launched a Catalyst site with all the bells […] Read more »

Using Catalyst and WordPress for Facebook Pages – Bonus Guide

WPFaceMakerPro - Using WordPress and Catalyst for Facebook Pages

Update Mar 2012 The WPFacemakerPro guide detailed below has been updated a few times since it’s original release. However, there have been a number of changes to Facebook in the last couple of months that mean some of the content relating to creating new Pages and Apps is now out of date and significant sections […] Read more »