Catalyst Theme Adds Responsive WordPress Theme Functionality

Catalyst Theme Responsive Wordpress Theme

Today saw the release of Catalyst Theme Version 1.5 for WordPress. In addition to some neat stuff like the inclusion of HTML5 markup and default styling changes, the main change is the inclusion of easy to use Responsive WordPress Theme design functionality. This is a major new release of Catalyst Theme with the inclusion of […] Read more »

Catalyst WordPress Theme After Launch

After the initial release of Catalyst WordPress Theme came a few minor updates. Although mainly focused on minor tweaks and bug fixes there were also some functionality enhancements to Catalyst too. As this series of posts on updates to the Catalyst WordPress Theme is mainly focused on detailing the increasing functionality added to it since […] Read more »

Catalyst Theme Framework Version 1.0 Features

I’d been fortunate enough to see the Catalyst Theme Framework as it developed through its beta stages and head towards it first GA (General Availability) release in early December 2010. Even in it’s initial incarnation, it was a spectacular step up from what the existing user base of Frugal Theme owners had to work with […] Read more »

Catalyst Theme New Feature Updates

Since Catalyst Theme was first released in December 2010, it has had several updates and revisions that have added a great wealth of new and additional functionality to the theme. In this series of posts about Catalyst Theme updates and features, we’re going to cover the main changes and new functionality that has been added […] Read more »